MAC SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT (“MAC”) is a full-service athlete agency headquartered in South Florida. With the most dedicated professionals ready to provide individualized service perfectly tailored for each client, MAC offers their clients a wide array of expertise and knowledge that meets every client’s needs.

MAC’s goal is to provide a full service experience to each and every client. Our team strives to maximize each client’s earning potential by providing support, consultation and advice geared towards extending the client’s career, while increasing their quality of life.

Our basic common philosophy is to maximize our clients’ earnings and simplify their lives, so they can focus on what they do best.

Our team consists of lawyers, certified public accountants, consultants, and insurance experts, each of which established longstanding reputations of the highest ethical values and professional excellence throughout their respective communities. Although many agencies claim to provide the same services, what sets MAC apart is the personal touch each client receives, and above all, our commitment to our client’s best interest.



Carlos, a native South Floridian, attended Belen Jesuit Prep School, received his undergraduate degree from Barry University, and his law degree from Nova Southeastern University. Since graduating from law school with honors, Carlos, a trial lawyer by trade, has garnered extensive experience analyzing and negotiating a multitude of multimillion dollar NFL Player Contracts, employment, talent and endorsement contracts for amongst others, athletes, musicians, and entertainers. Prior to attending law school, Carlos was a successful entrepreneur in the world of finance and real estate, routinely negotiating, originating, and closing a variety of multi-million dollar transactions and finance contracts. In addition, Carlos, is a Certified NFLPA Contract Advisor, a licensed Athlete Agent, a member of the Entertainment Arts and Sports Law Society of both the Florida Bar and American Bar Association, and is a highly respected former high school football and baseball coach in South Florida, with extensive knowledge of both games and a passion for evaluating and finding talent. Carlos’ dedication to service and integrity combined with knowledge of the games and business of sports makes him the consummate professional in the world of sports and entertainment.


“Manny” as he prefers to be called, was born and raised in South Florida, earned his Bachelor’s degree from Florida International University and his law degree from Nova Southeastern University. Manny is a partner at the law firm of Torres & Vadillo, LLP, where his practice focuses on transactions in the areas of Entertainment, Corporate, Banking and Real Estate. Manny’s diversity and understanding of a variety of legal issues has allowed his firm to universally benefit a vast array of high profile clients such as Dwyane Wade, Trey Songz, Sean Kingston, Cool and Dre, Julius Jones, Time is Money Entertainment LLC, DJ Irie, Artist Related LLC, Vitamin C Communications, Inc., EventStar Structures, Inc., Tory Lanez, and Purple Heart Clothing, LLC, to name a few. Manny, is a member of various organizations including The Recording Academy, the Entertainment Arts and Sports Law Society of the Florida Bar, as well as recently being appointed to sit on the Finance Committee of the City of Miami by Commissioner Francis Suarez. In addition to being a highly respected businessman, entrepreneur and networker extraordinaire, Manny has continually garnered recognition from his peers for his expertise and professionalism.


Dr. Vivian Gonzalez-Diaz, a licensed clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience and graduate of the University of Miami, CAU, and Nova Southeastern University, is an expert at helping athletes achieve their most optimal mental state, so they can perform at the highest of their individual abilities. Her vast experience includes working with clients to overcome a variety of issues, such as Self-Image and Esteem, Rehabilitation, Learning Disabilities, and those who are Psychiatrically challenged. As a consultant for MAC clients, Dr. Gonzalez helps to improve client’s performance, focus and self-defeating behaviors. Her approach is to help them identify their challenges (including personal, developmental/physical and social factors), set goals and work through barriers. The methodology is unique to the athlete’s attributes. Dr. Gonzalez is a world-renowned professional, appearing regularly on Emmy nominated television shows, such as Telemundo’s “Caso Cerrado”. In addition, she has significant experience with substance abusers and their families, as well as with those who are battling physically issues (congenitally or through injuries), which influence her approach toward rehabilitative goals. Dr. Gonzalez’s assistance to MAC clients is invaluable during their preparation before becoming pros, overcoming life challenges during their career, and transitioning after retirement from being an athlete to a second career.