Contract Negotiation

With over 30 years of combined business experience negotiating thousands of contracts in a variety of industries, MAC’s Contract Advisors and Lawyers have negotiated and closed over one billion dollars in contracts.  Our understanding of the “Art of the Deal” combined with our no nonsense approach to keeping our clients best interest as our priority, ensures that we are maximizing our clients earning potential.

Draft Preparation

Draft Preparation begins when the collegiate season has concluded, and MAC takes a hands on approach to assisting our clients in preparing for the most important job interview of their lives.  In conjunction with our staff and associated training facilities, MAC’s clients follow an intensive PreDraft itinerary that begins with NFL Combine and Pro Day specific training and includes:

  • Comprehensive Performance Evaluation to Determine Strengths & Weaknesses
  • NFL Combine Preparation (i.e., Combine-Specific Tests & Drills)
  • Pro Day Preparation (i.e., Pro Day Test & Drills; Position-Specific Skill Development)
  • Collegiate All-Star Games Preparation
  • Nutritionist Assessments & Consultations
  • Wonderlich Testing Preparation
  • Interview and Media Skill Development
  • NFL Combine Attendance & On-site Preparation
  • Pro Day Attendance & On-site Preparation
  • Individual Workouts and Interviews with Teams

Marketing & Endorsements

MAC Professionals have experience negotiating and closing a variety of endorsement contracts including shoe deals, ambassadorships with New Era hats, and a multitude of marketing opportunities for MAC client’s with nationally recognized brands as well as local entities in the communities where our client’s are employed.


MAC’s job is not finished when a contract is signed.  In fact, we pride ourselves in providing personal service and being readily available to assist our clients with any issues that present themselves.  These issues may include:

  • Personal NFL Injury Grievances, Hearings and Appeals;
  • Collection of Termination or Severance Pay;
  • Off-Season Training and Nutrition;
  • Assistance with Career-Ending/Disability Insurance Proceeds;
  • Formation and Assistance with Charitable Foundations; and,
  • The Execution of Trades and Releases, including the handling of personal matters and relocation.


MAC has established strong relationships with a variety of media outlets; and most importantly, we assist our clients in preparation of media appearances in order to present our clients in the best possible light.  For major public relations issues, MAC assist our clients in vetting public relations firms dedicated to providing the best service and utmost professionalism in their field.

Post Career Counseling

Despite most clients feelings of invincibility, a professional athletes career is short by any standard, and life after an athletes professional career, should be taken seriously.  MAC prides itself on helping clients prepare for life after sports early on in their careers, in order to ensure a greater chance of succeeding in their second career.  We assist in determining what our clients would like to do, and help identify what measures needed to be taken (i.e., education, training, etc.) during their career (and off-season) to prepare them to make the transition.  Whether it’s Coaching, Broadcasting, other Media or Business, MAC clients are given support and guidance to better prepare them for their future.


Athletes are their own worst enemies.  Most athletes are never aware of the mental blocks that hold them back.  Fear stops athletes from tapping into their true potential.  Athletes must not only train their bodies, but also train their minds.  The key to improving confidence and composure is mental conditioning.  Our on-staff Sports Psychologist teaches MAC clients how to build mental skills such as relaxation and visualization techniques, that our athletes use during pressure situations to increase their athletic effectiveness. By focusing on client issues such as personal awareness, self-confidence, motivation, discipline, and self-esteem, our Sport Psychologist helps our clients eliminate self-doubt, reach their athletic goals and compete at their highest level.